Halloween Party.

Yesterday I went to the halloween party for the first time.
The skeleton on the door had now been on there for a year.Wow!
Inside the hall, there was loads of monsters and witches.
There was also lots of games.
There was the NERF game, Pin-the-fangs-on-the-bat, Chuppa Chups,
Gloop, Guess what's in the box, and lots of food. The marshmellows
were eyeballs, and the chocolate was mummies. I got a prize for every
game I played. Pin-the-fangs-on-the-bat, I got really close, NERF, shot IOO
four times, Guess what's inside the box, got 4/5, and Chuppa Chups,
got one with a black end. I also helped my little brother win a prize,
and bought him a chocolate mummie, and gave him a lollipop.

18 August


Kaia's germ.jpg 12 August

Holiday Highlights.

Guess what I did in the holidays!
I went up somewhere and saw a beautiful view of the blue water and sandy shores.
I also saw contairners on thier way.
When I was up there, I heard mortals aticulate, birds chirping, and folk stomping up the steps.
I sniffed the air and could smell freash maungaside oxygen.
I looked and felt the fresh nature where birds fly, ferns grow and flowers burgeon.

Friday 12 July

Dare. Dream. Do.
This is me, the mad scientist, in Dare.Dream.Do

I am going to be a scientist when I grow up. I am going to ask a scientist from America if I can get the job. But if he says no I'll keep asking till I get a yes. Then I will invent a robot police that can sense robbers and arrest them. I will also make a machine that can make litter into gum. It is sooo cool!

This is me, the mad scientist, in Dare. Dream. Do.

3 July
external image zebre_07.jpg

If I were a zoo keeper.

If I were a zookeeper, I would feed the zebras.
I would laugh in delight at the zebra's tongue licking my delicate hand.
It would be lovely if I could feed the horses, but they might tred on my hands.
I would take the zebras down to the nearest lake so that they could have a drink.
Maybe I should be there for first-aid-kit for the zebras, because in my imaganation, the zebras will have broken legs.
Maybe I would feed the zebra boysenberries, strawberries, rasberries, hay, and apples.
The grumpy lioness would stare at me in surprise because she would not know what I would be doing.
After my busy day at the zoo is done, I would go home and have a big sleep.
By Kaia.

20 Jun

Storm the Lightning Fairy

21 June

Animal Puzzle.
I am an insect.
I live four lives.
I'm very pretty.
I love to flap my pretty wings.
I fly.
I am a .
I sing sweet songs
I start with "n".
I am a bird.
My next letter is "i".
I am a .

shark tagxedo kaia.jpg
We have been making tagxeados

Animal Tagxedo

I am a .

The Skink Lizared.
The Skink is a rare lizared.
It is usully found in Austraila.
It lives in the rainforest.
It eats a locust, cricket, or snail, and it's prey, which is other bugs and ants.

A Happy Ending.

Silvershine the mermaid was bored.
"I work all day and night, finally comes a holiday, and I don't know what to do?!!" Silvershine complained.
Meanwhile, there was a princess who lived by Silvershine's sea. The sea was called Silversea, and the princess was called Princess Lily.
"I long for something new." sighed Lily.
Silvershine, had found somthing to do.
She was making a necklace, but she needed shells.
As Silvershine was gathering shells, Lily saw her.
"What are you?" Lily asked.
"I am a mermaid, my name's Silvershine and I come in peace." Silvershine replied. "By the way, who are you?"
"I am Princess Lily." said Princess Lily.
"We should get to know each other." said Silvershine. "We know we will be friends, and what else could we do?"
Silvershine gave Lily a beautiful seashell.
"Put it on a necklace, and you will beacome a mermaid wenever you want to." said Silvershine.
"Oh, thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much Silvershine." cried Lily.
Silvershine blushed and said "My plesure."
Meanwile, the king was having trouble at the castle.
"Surrender, grounders!" the king shouted. "SURRENDER!"`
Lily said "If you can become a human, sign your name here."
She held out a piece of paper.
Silvershine signed her signature wich looked like this: ~Silvershine~.
Lily said "Perfect," and they ran off to the castle.
The king was there plotting his revenge.
"That is my revenge," he started to think, but suddenly he thought "No, that is my revenge."
Suddenly the king screamed. "Don't burn down the castle." and went inside.
Silvershine and Lily giggled.
Suddenly sparkles swiled round the two necklaces as a sign of true friendship.
Silvershine said to the dragon "What's wrong?"
The dragon grunted and let out a flame.
"My name's Silverscales, and I came here to look at this MAGNIFECINT castle. Who made it?"

My Mother's Day Poem.

Mum, Iove you and I love your husband too.
Mum, I like you beutiful, and you are wonderful.
Happy Mother's Day To You Mother!

Autumn Poem Fotobabble



My Holiday. Click the smiley face to read your comment)

In the holiday I had eight bad things happen to me.
My first one was....
At Piha Beach, when crossing a little stream, I tripped over a rock, and I had all my clothes on, even my shoes! I got very wet.
Luckly We had a jumper with us, so I changed into that
I climbed Rangitoto and it was a very long walk. So exhausting!
After that....
When I was riding my bike, I crashed into a tree. I got a black eye.
​While sitting on a pole, I fell off it and hurt my head.
After that....
On my way down a mountain we were climbing, seeing a soft bush, I jumped in it trying to hide,-but too bad it was full of thorns.Ouch!
When s​itting on a truck for a photo, I scraped my leg. There was blood streaming everywhere.
After that....
Wh​en we were shopping I hurt my head on the car-seat.
​Sometime again I hurt my head.
That's the end of the bad list.
And today? Well I watched Brave.

Letter By Kaia Ellis.‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍


16 April


I have a pink bike. It has a bell. I like to ring it to warn people that i'm coming through. It has pedals. When I push them, I can go fast on my bike. It has handle bars too. I have to keep hold of them, or I will fall off. I also have to wear a helmet, or if I crash I might get serious brain injury. On my bike I have a chain too. If it gets to rusty, I could fall off. The chain also moves and when it does that, the wheels start moving, and off I go! I have a brake too. It makes me stop.
On my bike I can ride down the school hill. I can also, go through cones. I love riding my bike.
By Kaia.

8 April - AudioBoo

6 March

At the Beach.

My Holiday Fotobabble

Hello Kaia

This is your special page to use as a place to keep all your e-learning this year.

Love from
Mrs Le Sueur

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